tag cloud generator guide

Tag Cloud Generator For Tumblr

How to add a Tumblr Tag Cloud to your Blog? Easy, there’s a Tumblr Cloud Generator that basically shows a group a words that use the most in your Tumblr. Follow this step-by-step guide

This tool in particular will make a post showing displaying your own Cloud Tags plus some other interesting stuff.  There is another Tumblr Tag Cloud Generator where you need to paste some code in your Theme html to show an always updated cloud, which I will write about in another post.

tag cloud generator guide

How to Create and Add a Tumblr Tag Cloud to your blog

  • There are two Tumblr tag cloud generators for you, go here (I prefer this one, you just need to enter your Tumblr and it’ll generate tag cloud automatically for you with many options)
  • Another way, you can go here .  And sign in with your tumblr account.
  • Choose the period you want to the tag cloud to be based on.  If you have hundreds of posts, you’d better choose no more than a month, since it takes a lot of time
  • You can check the option to show the users you reblog the most and even display related tumbloggers.
  • After you made the cloud, visit your Tumblr blog and see it posted

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