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How to Add a Tumblr Share Bookmarklet Button to your Browser

The Tumblr Share Bookmarklet link, lets you quickly post content you found on any given webpage, and publish it to your tumblelog in a convenient type.

You just need to grab this url bookmarklet to your browser toolbar

The Tumblr Share Bookmarklet link lets you quickly and easily publish content in your Tumbr blog with anything you found in the web, whether it is photos, videos, or just text

tumblr bookmarklet

How To Add the Tumblr Share Button Bookmarklet URL.

  1. Once logged in, go to the Goodies Section and the first thing you will see is the Tumblr Share button,
  2. now drag it to your toolbar and that’s it, each time you find interesting material in a webpage you don’t need to copy paste, just click on the bookmarklet icon and publish.
  3. tumblr share button

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