how to add twitter button

How to Add a Twitter Button to your Tumblr

This tutorial will show you how to add a twitter button to your Tumblr Blog. Allowing other people to share and tweet your posts effortlessly.

It just requires a big a code pasting in your Tumblr Theme HTML.

how to add twitter button

We already gave you a tutorial to add a Facebook Like Button to Tumblr.  This time we’ll show you how to embed a twitter button to your Tumblr blog. 

It’s fairly easy since it uses the official Twitter code to work, and you just need to paste it within your Tumblr theme html.

Insert a Twitter Share Button in your Tumblr Blog.

    1. Get the Twitter Button Share Code for Tumblr here. Choose the format you want.This is the code you get when you are not signed in to Twitter:
    1. Now you must add two extra elements to this Twitter Button code,they’re  highlighted so you just need to copy and paste it in your own code, it always goes inside the <a> tag.
    1. Go to Customize >> Theme >> Use Custom HTML.
    2. There are seven types of posts, but you only need to paste the Twitter Button in the code that belongs to the posts you actually use, mostly it will be Text and Photos. 

      Since the Tumblr Themes change from one to another, the exact location could vary, but it will always be within the Posts main tags, being the following:

  1. We pasted the Twitter Code right before the tag {PostNotes} , for each of the posts types it should most of the time be there since it shows the Likes and Reblogs you get.
    The key thing is that you try until the button shows right below your post content but before the notes.

If you can’t manage to get it to work, leave a comment with your theme and tumblr blog and we’ll help you insert the twitter button

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